Quality Assurance Guarantee

At Rooftops, we've spent years considering the things we must do to make our company the very best. The basic elements of building a quality roof are Materials, Installation and Supervision. What sets the best companies apart is the process they develop for each of these areas, as well as how thoughtfully they protect the homeowner. Here are a few of the things that we do:

Rooftops purchases all its materials from major distributors. This insures that they are delivered to your home fresh from the manufacturer, properly packaged for protection from the elements and in excellent condition. It also documents the purchase from a registered distributor, qualifying the homeowner for a manufacturer’s warranty.

See our Complete Roof Replacement page for information on our installation process.

Every job at Rooftops begins and ends with the personal supervision of Owner/Manager, Richard Lohr. And each team is led by a highly experienced Supervisor who has worked with that particular crew on numerous jobs.

Rooftops carries a $1,000,000.00 liability policy on each job. At your request, our insurer will furnish you with proof of coverage naming you as an additional insured.

Rooftops provides a comprehensive workmanship limited warranty that protects you against leaks and installation errors. This invaluable protection is provided for a full five years from the date of installation. We also furnish you a manufacturer's warranty covering the materials you selected.


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