Complete Roof Replacement

The time has come, either because of a storm, a suspicion or because you've simply reached the end of your current roof's lifespan. Give us a call and let us walk you through the process, from inspection to completion:

Inspections are free and noncommittal. We look for all types of damage and for problems that may cause leaks in the future. We note anything that should be covered under your homeowners policy, such as damage from wind or hail, and you're given a full report of what we find. If you should file an insurance claim, we tell you. If we find nothing to be concerned about, we tell you that, too.

You may need some tips, tools and guidelines in making your decision of color, grade and material. We provide that, along with a preparation checklist to insure minimal disruption to your life during the two to three days of installation. For variety and selection, we offer the full array of materials from leading manufacturers such as:

  • Elk
  • Atlas
  • GAF
  • CertainTeed
  • Owens-Corning

We cover pools and spas to keep out debris. We protect plants and shrubs. If doors or windows are exposed to danger, we cover them with plywood. We move objects such as furniture and potted plants away from the work area. Any immovable items, such as permanently installed barbecue pits, are covered. If decking is required, we place plastic sheets over your valuables in the exposed attic to protect them from dust and debris.

Our crews are well trained and highly experienced. They are teams of craftsmen who have worked together for years and have installed hundreds of roofs. Day laborers are never used. You need only to observe our crews for a short while to appreciate their expertise.

Before we leave, we clean up and haul off all job related debris. Finally, we comb your yard with magnetic bars for nails and metal scraps, then sweep and wash down all sidewalks and drives. Only when you express satisfaction do we consider the job complete.


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