Wood Roof Restoration

How well you remember the warm and elegant look, even the rich aroma, of your brand new cedar roof. Eventually, the years and the elements conspired to mellow the color into an appealing shade of weathered gray. But, as even more time passed, cracks appeared in the shingles, their edges curled and ridge pieces began to disintegrate. Above all, your thoughts turned to the safety of your home and family as the roof began to look more and more like kindling for a fire.

The cornerstone of our Wood Roof Restoration Process is a patented Fire Retardant Treatment designed specifically for wood shingles by a company that is revolutionizing fire retardant technology. So, before you consider replacing the wood roof you once loved with another type of material, let us tell you what we can do to restore its original beauty and fortify its resistance to the threat of fire.

Contact us for a free, comprehensive evaluation of the current condition of your roof. We will measure the ridge and calculate the number of deteriorated shingles to be replaced. Then we can sit down with you and discuss a restoration proposal, which covers the following:

  • Replacement of all ridge and damaged or missing field shingles
  • Pressure washing the entire roof to remove dirt, grime, mold and mildew
  • Further treatment with a brightening agent
  • Thorough saturation with the patented flame retardant treatment

When we meet with you, we will be happy to provide specifications and complete details on our remarkable flame retardant technology. We use it because it is the most effective treatment on the market. The bonus is that it’s environmentally friendly, preserves the look of the wood and retards the process of mildew, as well.



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